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  2007.03.03  13.15
Do you know what it takes to make it big?


Modeling and acting are about way more than how you look and who you know. You need to know your way in and around the business. After all, BIG MONEY is on the line!

Think you have what it takes? Take the quiz and find out how much you reall know about making it big. ShowBizIQ.xom


  2006.12.11  15.19

Hey everyone,

I'm new to this community, and am always looking for new people to chat with and help with their careers.

With that being said, I wanted to introduce you all to a new website, called Nextcat.com

I hope this is OK to post here, and if not, I apologize! Just trying to help everyone out and give them a bit of advice!

Nextcat is THE new place serving entertainment industry pros for networking and seeking/offering work. It's absolutely FREE to join (and we all love free things, right?!) and welcomes all actors, actresses, models, photographers - even authors and artists to their constantly growing network of professionals. I included the press release behind the cut for everyone to check out. It's really a great site, and you can upload tons of photos, movie shorts, a resume, and more. Check it out for yourselves. Let's hear what everyone thinks!

Also, here is the direct link to the site: www.nextcat.com


  2006.12.08  16.38
Teen NYC acting class help?

This message has been xposted about a billion times (so, so, sorry!), so I'm putting the back-story behind an lj-cut. Thank you so much, in advance, for your help!

H'lo. Please read me. Please?Collapse )

So. Is BAA reputable and trustworthy or a scam? Which places do you recommend for or against, and why? Do you think I could persuade my mom to let me do something with all three organizations and, if not, what do you think my game plan should be?


  2006.09.28  20.53

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to introduce myself and say "hello"!  My name is Kat and I'm an actress currently living in Los Angeles.  I'm working on collecting all of my SAG vouchers (1 down, 2 to go!) and will be joining AFTRA within the next couple of days.  In the meantime, I'm working in lots of small, indepedent movies and student films to pump up my resume and get experience.  What's everyone else up to/working on?

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  2006.08.12  11.11

Hokay, so I'm interested in acting--really interested--but I'm kinda afraid to ask my mom if I can try to pursue it during the summer because she used to be involved in the industry and wouldn't be too enthusiastic about my entering into it.

I live in NYC, so I know there are tons of opportunities out there. Do you know about classes I, as a high schooler, could take that aren't expensive but are effective? What about lower-scale opportunities? What is there outside of high school productions?

There's a TV show filming in an area near my neighborhood, and I walk past there anyway when going to and from tennis camp; should I try and see if I can make friends with any of the cast/crew and see if they have any ideas for me?


  2006.08.10  11.58
Throat care?

Hey...does anyone know a great place in NYC to get the Artist's Emergency Kit supplies? I need Singer's Saving grace, or Entertainer's Secret...along with ola loa and Vocal-eze. Colony doesn't have this, suprisingly. ANd neither do Sam Ash or Maxies. I usually order through the net, but I ran out at rehearsal last night and would need this all by Monday. Thanks in advance for knowing, or at least trying. =) Looking forward to classes? I know I am. >..<

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  2006.07.23  15.10

Just want to say hello.


  2006.06.25  09.21

Okay here's my deal, I want to be an actress and I dont know how to get auditions n stuff cuz my parents are scared of those internet predators ya know and there scared for me to put my personal stuff on a page for directors to look at and pick people for auditions ya know.......so I dont really know what to do cuz also i live in a small town not some big town everyone knows about like NY.....so any help will be appreciated,.,,........Thanks!


  2006.05.01  13.27

OK, Auditions.
I need info. Your advice is much appreciated.

What exactly is good(need) to bring on auditions, and what do you do for a resume especially when you have had no real working experience (i.e nothing impressive like CSI or WB). What actually goes on during an audition. What are you asked? what are you asked to do? What is the best way to make an impression, I mean, It's you against hundreds maybe even thousand's of people...I'd love some feedback.

The reason I ask is, I've been dabbling in a little filmmaking with some people I know and have discovered I actually have talent and potential, so I'm told. I really enjoy it and would like to put it to good use. I'm not interested in becoming the next Jennifer Aniston, that I can certainly do without, but I would like to break into this bushiness if for no other reason than to work with independent companies and local filmmakers.

Love the feedback!


  2006.01.25  11.37
Hello! First post here, just joined. Have a few questions so be gentle!

I live in NYC. Just moved not too long ago. Is there a NYC Actor's group here?

1. How do you join an improv group? Are there major ones that you can audution for? If so how? - I heard that's what agents are looking for.

- also, where can I find NYC plays to audition for? I cant sing (going to get training for it) so I doubt I can audition for a musical. Who knows! I just want to be able to audition for a really good (and hopefully well known) play.

2. What's the best way to get an agent? What's the difference between that and a manager?

3. (!!!) For someone just starting out - what's the best way to get ahead? How do I find auditions? Ross Report - anything else? How do *you* hear about what's out there?

4. Please send me links, outlines, anything of structure I can use to make sure I am doing everything possible.

Basically I'm sorry if someone has posted this prior, but I just want to get my ducks in a row because I used to be too afraid to take a risk and now I'm ready after taking a little too much time off. So now I feel I've got years to make up and I need all the input, guidance and acting pals I can get.

I've got no problem hearing about roles and throwing people a bone. I like to help actors. I'm not worried about letting people know what's out there because if a role is made for me, I'll get it. I hope you guys can do the same.

Thank you for your time


  2006.01.13  15.31
Acting competition seeking young talent for major Hollywood feature

DEAD GIRLS CLUB.COM is the headquarters for the major Hollywood feature film set for filming this coming spring. At the website, they are in the process of searching for a young actress and actor ages 15-mid 20's who can play a high school senior. The winner will be flown with a guest to Los Angeles to film their role in the movie.

The secret to this competition is that America will be picking the young actor and actress from entries posted on the website in March. So your chances of getting a featured role in the film will be determined by the number of entries. There will be national exposure that will be increasing through each of the legs of the competition.

Since all of America will be judging the competition, the deadgirlsclub community is the place for competitors in the SCREAM QUEEN & KING acting competition to promote themselves and place their video clips. We will also be the unofficial clearing house for all-things "Dead Girls", so from time-to-time, we'll have inside info (the filmmakers are friends of mine), so keep your eyes here, and take part!

Come on and get pledged to The deadgirlsclub!

The Phan

X-Posted appropriately. . .

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  2005.09.13  10.41
Acting Class in Manhattan

Hi all- I'm 24 and I've been acting/singing/dancing/modeling for a long time now- but I want to start taking acting classes in the city (NYC) at night (I work during the day)- I'm looking for classes that will 1. better my technique and 2. help me make some connections to work towards my Equity and SAG card- towards Broadway and film...

I have NO idea what classes are the best ones to take and was looking for some advice- so, if you know of any from experience, or otherwise, please post and let me know. If you have websites to offer that would be great too- thanks for your help!


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  2005.08.04  10.38
Im New!!!!!!!!!

Hi im new & i have never really done any major acting but people say im good and i thinkim good im just wondering does anybody know how to get a good acting carrer started?

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  2005.06.18  23.18

hey all.... i'm new. just thought i'd say so. i found this community when i was searching, and i thought it looked cool. well, let's see... my name's rachel, i'm 16, and anything else you could want to know about me is in my userinfo. later~

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  2005.05.26  00.54


I need some advice from you guys! I've done some acting in the past, but nothing major, and I really loved it. So now I want to get into acting, but I don't have any training whatsoever. People have told me that I'm a natural, so I'm really confidant that I can do this. I just have no idea where to begin... Obviously, I would like to start off with workshops and classes, but I really can't afford that right now, so I have a few questions:

A) Where can I find extra work? I know it doesn't pay much, but any little bit would help, and I would like the opportunity to experience being on the set.

B) Should I invest in head shots now, or should I worry about that later?

C) Even without formal training, would it be in my best interest to go ahead and start auditioning for roles?

D) What are the best jobs for aspiring actors? Are temp agencies the way to go, or should I stick with server positions?

I live in Orlando, Florida if anyone has any suggestions for schools/etc in this area. Thank you in advance!!


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  2005.05.25  16.14

Everyone knows that gaining solid ballet technique is a great advantage to ANY musical theatre performer. So many people are scared off by the idea of taking ballet class though. I think this is unfortunate,  So I've developed a class that caters to musical theatre dancers... and still attains to the rules of classical ballet technique. I'm hoping this class grows this summer so that I can eventually start a scholarship program for gifted and commited performers... I can't stand how much the studios are charging these days for class!! Our lives as dancers (no matter what genre) begin at the ballet barre! Here is some info about my class (which starts JUNE 3rd)  I enchourage you all to come check it out... challenge yourself!









FRIDAYS    6:00PM-7:30PM (starts JUNE


      254 West 47th Street

      (between bway and 8th ave)

no phone calls to the studio please


Please visit the
      website to read more about the
      class, and to pre-register.




Major credit cards accepted for online
      pre-registration payment

      CASH ONLY for single classes.

      Registration is not required to attend class.



  2005.04.28  15.16

Hey, I'm new here. Actually new to the whole acting thing, but what I've done so far I love. And I just have a question for all of you who have more of a clue about this than I do. I have an audition comming up where I need a monolouge. The one I picked is a little under my age range, so would it be better to change it a little to make the character sound older, or play it as the age it's written? It definatly sounds better as it's written but I can't do that young. Maybe none of this matters, like I said I don't really know what I'm doing. Thanks if you can help.

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  2005.04.06  16.44

natalyaCollapse )


  2005.03.16  21.24
Interesting quote

I heard this quote in acting class today in response to an actor who wanted to use a southern accent as a character choice in a monologue he'd never done before for a monologue written with no acccent in mind: "A limp is not a character choice; it is one leg shorter than the other."--Sean Nelson

So I guess my question is, what does this mean to you guys?



  2005.02.22  10.58
New girl...

What are the top 5 books on an actor's bookshelf?

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  2005.01.30  17.49
Making the rounds

Hello!  I'm Natasha, a senior in high school.  I've already joined "ActorsGuild" and I'm just looking around to see what all looks good for groups to join.  I love acting with a passion, and hope to make friends!


  2005.01.09  18.46

Hello, i'm here to ask something... now I am 15 and would like to get into the acting and singing business... how can i get started? I am in Canada and would really like to try out for a show of some sort... how can i try out though? I would like to stay in canada i do not have enough money to go out of the country.


  2004.12.31  16.24

happy new year everyone. have fun and be safe and a great start!


  2004.12.29  23.14

Hello everyone. I am an aspiring filmmaker, about to start classes at Lee Strasberg this Spring, but I have a question I am hoping someone here can answer for me. Most of my experience has been behind the camera, mostly cinematography and directing so acting is fairly new to me. Can anyone tell me the biggest difference between the acting methods/styles of Strasberg compared to maybe Juilliard, The Actors Studio, Stella Adler, and other acting schools? Which ones are more focused on character developement and imaginative work, reviving emotions from past experiences, etc.? Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tiff


  2004.11.19  00.31
Fiddler On The Roof

I saw it for the first time ever tonight. It was so good. I laughed and I cried and I clapped so hard at the end that my hands were red for like, an hour. It was wonderful. The singing was great, the dancing was great, the actors were great... IT WAS SOOOOOOO GOOD!! I can't wait to see Le Boheme!!!


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