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I need some advice from you guys! I've done some acting in the past, but nothing major, and I really loved it. So now I want to get into acting, but I don't have any training whatsoever. People have told me that I'm a natural, so I'm really confidant that I can do this. I just have no idea where to begin... Obviously, I would like to start off with workshops and classes, but I really can't afford that right now, so I have a few questions:

A) Where can I find extra work? I know it doesn't pay much, but any little bit would help, and I would like the opportunity to experience being on the set.

B) Should I invest in head shots now, or should I worry about that later?

C) Even without formal training, would it be in my best interest to go ahead and start auditioning for roles?

D) What are the best jobs for aspiring actors? Are temp agencies the way to go, or should I stick with server positions?

I live in Orlando, Florida if anyone has any suggestions for schools/etc in this area. Thank you in advance!!

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