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Acting competition seeking young talent for major Hollywood feature

DEAD GIRLS CLUB.COM is the headquarters for the major Hollywood feature film set for filming this coming spring. At the website, they are in the process of searching for a young actress and actor ages 15-mid 20's who can play a high school senior. The winner will be flown with a guest to Los Angeles to film their role in the movie.

The secret to this competition is that America will be picking the young actor and actress from entries posted on the website in March. So your chances of getting a featured role in the film will be determined by the number of entries. There will be national exposure that will be increasing through each of the legs of the competition.

Since all of America will be judging the competition, the deadgirlsclub community is the place for competitors in the SCREAM QUEEN & KING acting competition to promote themselves and place their video clips. We will also be the unofficial clearing house for all-things "Dead Girls", so from time-to-time, we'll have inside info (the filmmakers are friends of mine), so keep your eyes here, and take part!

Come on and get pledged to The deadgirlsclub!

The Phan

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