"Happiness is your own responsibility." (dame_n_doortune) wrote in actors_studio,
"Happiness is your own responsibility."

Hello! First post here, just joined. Have a few questions so be gentle!

I live in NYC. Just moved not too long ago. Is there a NYC Actor's group here?

1. How do you join an improv group? Are there major ones that you can audution for? If so how? - I heard that's what agents are looking for.

- also, where can I find NYC plays to audition for? I cant sing (going to get training for it) so I doubt I can audition for a musical. Who knows! I just want to be able to audition for a really good (and hopefully well known) play.

2. What's the best way to get an agent? What's the difference between that and a manager?

3. (!!!) For someone just starting out - what's the best way to get ahead? How do I find auditions? Ross Report - anything else? How do *you* hear about what's out there?

4. Please send me links, outlines, anything of structure I can use to make sure I am doing everything possible.

Basically I'm sorry if someone has posted this prior, but I just want to get my ducks in a row because I used to be too afraid to take a risk and now I'm ready after taking a little too much time off. So now I feel I've got years to make up and I need all the input, guidance and acting pals I can get.

I've got no problem hearing about roles and throwing people a bone. I like to help actors. I'm not worried about letting people know what's out there because if a role is made for me, I'll get it. I hope you guys can do the same.

Thank you for your time
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